The tablecloth always gives that elegant and personalized touch to our events, choose the color of your preference and always ask for the right size for the table you want.

White Poly.PNG

White Polyester

Ivory Poly.PNG

Ivory Polyester

Yellow Poly.PNG

Yellow Polyester

Gold Poly.PNG

Gold Polyester

Mustard Poly.PNG

Mustard Polyester

Taupe Poly.PNG

Taupe Polyester

Brown Poly.PNG

Brown Polyester

Peach Poly.PNG

Peach Polyester

Orange Poly.PNG

Orange Polyester

Red Poly.PNG

Red Polyester

Burgundy Poly.PNG

Burgundy Polyester

Purple Poly.PNG

Purple Polyester

Lilac Poly.PNG

Lilac Polyester

Light Pink Poly.PNG

Light Pink Polyester

Hot Pink Poly.PNG

Hot Pink Polyester

Key Lime Polyester.PNG

Key Lime Polyester

New Kelly Polyester.PNG

New Kelly Polyester

Hunter Green Poly.PNG

Hunter Green Polyester

Aqua Poly.PNG

Aqua Polyester

Turquoise Poly.PNG

Turquoise Polyester

Light Blue Poly.PNG

Light Blue Polyester

Royal Blue Poly.PNG

Royal Blue Polyester

Navy Blue Poly.PNG

Navy Blue Polyester

Gray Poly.PNG

Gray Polyester

Black Poly.PNG

Black Polyester